A Note on Transmission Automatique

backimag tramsionTransportation is a necessity, especially in our hustle and hurried world. It is important that we reach our destination on time to gain better benefits. Having your own vehicle gives you an advantage as you do not have to commute along with other passengers and you can estimate your own travel time. One thing that you should worry about though is the condition of your automobile. You should always make sure that it is in its topmost condition to be on the safe side.


z9Aside from that, if you notice that there is something wrong with your car but you wait until it worsens, you will end up paying more on repairs. If your car has an transmission automatique, you can expect to pay more for repairs than if you had a manual transmission. This is because the systems can be complex, and the mechanic may have to open the gear box.

Parts for automatic transmissions are also pricier, so expect to pay more if the issue is a collapsed filter, damaged torque converter, or similar problem. This type of transmission generates heat while it is operating, so the fluid degrades over time. If your transmission overheats, which is characterized by a strong “burnt” smell, then the fluid needs to be changed immediately.

When the fluid degrades, the transmission will wear out more quickly and eventually may need to be replaced which can be an expensive repair. The best way to avoid this problem is replace your transmission fluid on schedule. You can avoid bigger expenses if you bring your car to a reliable garage with dependable technicians. They can assess your car’s problem efficiently. All you have to do is follow their given schedule for regular maintenance and that should keep you from spending more money unnecessarily for your car.

Transmission Automatique- An Intro

Automobiles are important part of our daily lives. We travel from our house to the office or to school, buy grocery, or attend an important activity and what brings us to those places are the vehicles that we use. Since these are very important to our every day lives, we should make sure that it is running perfectly. Any sign of problem, we should automatically bring it to a reliable garage for checkup to avoid further issues.

We don’t want to wait for a bigger problem to arise.If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, it is a critical part of your vehicle. Once your automatic transmission fails, your vehicle will no longer be safe to drive. With regular maintenance, you can greatly extend the life of your transmission automobile and avoid costly repairs. The first thing you can do to extend its life is to check the fluid on a monthly basis or more often under severe driving conditions. Make sure the dip stick shows full and if necessary add automatic transmission fluid according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the fluid is very dark or has a burnt odor, it is time to get the transmission serviced. There are times that the transmission is beyond the point of recovery from a transmission flush or filter replacement. Once the vehicle experiences symptoms such as no longer shifting into gear, has a large amount of fluid leaking out or strong vibrations coming from the transmission, it is beyond what can be fixed with a simple service. Once that happens, the best course of action is to have your transmission either rebuilt or replaced. Finding a dependable garage to help you out is imperative to assure that the problem is solved properly. Your problems will be easily solved by expert technicians in shortest possible time.